We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Andrew King

Dec 1971 – Sept 2000

Andrew started life having epileptic fits when he was 21. He was a strong hungry young man – never ill, if we got flu, he didn’t.

He was quiet, deep thinking, very considerate, and never complained about his condition. He was hungry for knowledge, becoming very knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects, and although he did not take part in any active sports, he took a keen interest in them.

He got a job on his beloved North Yorkshire Moors Railway as a volunteer. He loved it, and the Railway employees loved him. It was a joy to see him come home for his tea with a smile on his face, chattering about the happening of the day. 

He had 28 good years living a comparatively normal, happy life. We had 28 years of joy, and it has been an honour to have had him as our son. We have just lost the most precious thing in the world. He leaves a brother who misses him as we do, but life goes on. 

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