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Brigid Josephine Marie O'Neill

A loving tribute to my little sister

I sadly lost my little sister Brigid Josephine Marie O’Neill who tragically died on 27 November 2001 after suffering an epileptic fit in the bath. Brigid dealt with her epilepsy bravely without complaining just taking one day at a time.

She was very close to her mother who sadly died fifteen and a half years ago due to pneumonia and complications from arthritis, which she suffered from since we were very young children.

So Brigid and myself (Anne) were very close to each other. There was a special bond between us. A special bond between two special sisters. We all miss her very much especially myself because we were very close and I looked after her.

She will never be forgotten.

She is always in our thoughts and we have all got memories of a sweet kind and a smiling young lady.

A loving bond
Two sisters joined together in love, friendship, devotion.
A special bond between two special sisters which sadly broke in life through a terrible tragedy, but in death the bond will always be there.
Memories are special.

I will always have my memories of the happy time we spent together as children and how we helped each other in later life.

Brigid is now a smiling angel in heaven with her mother beside her.

I think of her a lot and when I am sad I remember her little smiles.

Anne O’Neill 

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