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Christine Ann Waite

Born 22 September 1952 – Died 10 December 1991

Dear Chris

Your passing left a gap in my life that can never be filled. You were my wife and my best friend. Not a day goes by without me thinking of you.

I love you now as much as ever

Your loving husband, Johnny.

Dear Mum

Things have changed since you went away. There have been many changes in my life since then, and I know you would be proud of me. I bet you didn’t think that I would go to university. Through all this, there are two things that have remained constant-how much I love and how much I miss you. Missing you everyday.

Love Chas (son) x

Mum Dear

Lots of things have changed over the years for me, girlfriends, cars and money, but there is one thing that will never change-my love for you, my Mum. I miss the sound of your voice and the touch of your hand, and all the love and support you always showed me.

I’ll love you always Mum

Your Mait x


You are our second daughter, a significant person in our lives. As any daughter you are very precious, thoughtful & loving. In fact you are our ideal daughter in every way. For us, your Mum & Dad, the happy hours our hearts remember always.

You leave us with fond memories that will remain forever.

Love you always

Mum & Dad


You are our sister, one of four. We want to take this time to tell you how important you are in our lives. It’s hard to say in person even to a sister. We had our times, but we love each other, the acceptance, even when we didn’t always agree with an action or decision, but we were there for each other sharing and listening to our troubles. We are true sisters who care about each other. You will be our sister forever.

Cherished and loved more than you will ever know.

God Bless

Sue, Maggs, Jen

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