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Kathryn Marie Deller

19 March 1972 to 17 December 1999

To Our Dearest Kathy

A beautiful daughter, loving sister, Auntie and granddaughter and above all a wonderful friend. An honour to have known you.

It is very difficult to put into words how much you meant to us all, how much you were loved and are now missed.

You were my soul mate, we were as one,
My morning sunshine, and now you’re gone.

Love Mum xxx

Not only were you my sister but you were also my best friend. Miss you.

Clare xxx

I only knew you for 18 years Kathy-we had our ups & downs but we could always share a joke. It’s still strange to come home early to an empty house-you will be in my thoughts forever.

Terry xxx

Goodbye Kathy. Keep safe until we meet again. Love you forever.

Mum, Terry, Clare

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