We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


Mabel Leach

Mabel had a difficult early life, as she was the youngest of eight children; but was a happy child despite suffering from migraine from an early age.

Then she met Norman, her husband. They were married and lived a long and happy life, 67 years together. She had three children, and was a very patient, loving and caring mother. She was devoted to Norman, and we three children. She enjoyed us as children; made toys for us and played with us; we all had a happy childhood. Also she was always there for anyone who was ill, she looked after them.

Her hobby was oil painting, which she enjoyed very much. Her paintings are enjoyed by family and friends.

In later life, as she developed other health problems and still suffering a form of migraine-epilepsy attack, Norman looked after her better than any nurse.

We will remember her as she used to be, vivacious and happy, and we will celebrate her life. We will miss her, but our lives will be all the richer for living with her love. 

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