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of everyone affected by epilepsy


Margaret Fitzroy-Smith

24 November 1921-15 June 1999

Dear Mum

Both your ‘babies’ were planned, I know,
Because that is why you loved us so.

Through thick and thin you cared for us
Despite in those days, life was tough.

We fell and scraped our knees
You were always there to soothe our tears.

At school when our lessons got us down
You were there to dispel our frowns.

At work we’d have hard decisions to make
But a chat with you, and it was a piece of cake.

Our teens were troubled with the opposite sex,
We’d argue with ‘partners’, we thought we knew best.
We’d tell you our problems, sobbing it through,
Only to find it had all happened to you.

A mother’s babies are hers forever,
Despite the fact we marry another.
You taught us respect for the World as a whole,
But how we wished you hadn’t grown old.

We live on ‘Yesterdays’ memories – each one,
The fight that you lost, for us to live on.
But in our hearts you will always stay,
God Bless you MUM – we love you each day,

And Thank You.

After a most caring four year fight for Dad, Mum passed away on the eve before their 54th Wedding Anniversary, with all her family around her.

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