We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


Neil Spink PhD


Neil was one of the good guys. During his short life he gained many good friends, from his early school days until he completed his studies at Leeds University and Birkbeck College.

But he suffered epilepsy. Neil never really came to terms with his illness, even though his friends and family gave him as much support as they could. He thought from time to time, that he could control his illness himself, without recourse to medication. He couldn’t. Sadly, after completing his education he took his own life. He had fought epilepsy for as long as he could.

Although his life was short his friends and family live with the thought that he brought happiness and support to so many people. He saw much more of the world and experienced so many more things than many without the disorder will. He will always be remembered with love and affection.

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