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Paulette Alexandra Rose

Paulette Alexandra Rose (nee Ruddock) was born on 5th February 1964 in St. James’ Hospital here in Leeds.

She was fourth of seven children. She attended the New Testament Church of God and never forgot her roots.

Paulette had a huge character and a kind heart. She always cried when we drove away from our visits to the family in Leeds. She enjoyed recalling things that had happened with them, like her sister Jenny pushing her out of their shared bed when they were kids. They used to laugh about it together. Little things meant a lot to her. She would treasure notes that her sisters sent her and pictures done by her nieces, nephews and friend’s children. She used to feel her late father looking over her. A week before she died her mother came to visit her and when she left Paulette kissed the window of the railway carriage.

She had a lively sense of style and she enjoyed performing, especially singing. Paulette always loved dressing up and making up. She studied for a beauty therapy qualification and was top of her class in the practical application. Paulette had been epileptic for just two years, but she was really looking forward to the future. She had booked professional singing lessons. She had not had a fit for a few months and so epilepsy was not our biggest concern. She died on Father’s Day, June 20 1999, aged 35, from a massive fit with complications.

Edwin Rose (husband)

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