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Simon Gingell

Dear Simon,

Do you remember:

  • Playing football on Christmas Eve afternoon with Neal and Paul.
  • Your autographed Chelsea team football.
  • Completing the Abingdon Marathon.
  • Receiving your Duke of Edinburgh award.
  • Seeing Guys & Dolls at the National Theatre.
  • Cooking a surprise dinner for us one Saturday evening.
  • Finding 500 sausages at 3am!
  • Your hat left behind in Gunterstone Road.

We remember:

  • The slight pause before you started speaking on the phone when you rang us.
  • That nod of the head and the wave of the hand when leaving us.
  • Your pronunciation of ‘Brewery’ and ‘Hinksey’
  • The way you cared for your brothers.

Above all for enriching our lives with these and many other memories.

They remain clear as ever and our love for you as strong as ever.

Take care,

Love from,
Mother, Father, Neal & Paul

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