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of everyone affected by epilepsy

Reduce the risk of SUDEP

MerrynSome of the families are coping with the loss of a loved one who died unexpectedly because of their epilepsy.

Thankfully sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is rare and not everyone with epilepsy is at the same risk. But it does tragically cause around 500 deaths each year in the UK and not enough people with epilepsy are aware of it.

Your donation can help us raise awareness of SUDEP amongst those who are at risk:

  • £30 could equip a GP or epilepsy specialist nurse with SUDEP information for patients to share with their loved ones and carers.
  • £10 a month can help our Helpline experts speak to more people about SUDEP and help them make the right choices to reduce their risks.

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Read messages of support for people affected by SUDEP on Facebook

If you would like more information about SUDEP, we can help:

Update 24 November: Steve McCabe MP secured a debate on epilepsy related deaths in the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 29 November.

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