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NHS cuts – who will protect your Sapphire?

A lot has happened since we launched our Save our Sapphire Nurses campaign a year ago.

We’ve got a new coalition government and the media is filled with stories of NHS spending cuts.

We’re all concerned about the effect these changes will have. That’s because we know the amazing contribution epilepsy specialist nurses make to the lives of people with epilepsy.

"I wish I had an epilepsy specialist nurse because it would provide desperately needed support for me and my wife, which is not currently available to us anywhere. They would help deal with the trauma of epilepsy and its effects which are life changing. The neighbouring NHS trust has a nurse, but ours doesn’t. It's unfair for this to be available to some and not others." - John, Epilepsy Action supporterBut we also know that this care is not as widely spread as it needs to be. Across England there are over 380,000 people with epilepsy and fewer than 300 epilepsy specialist nurses.

For this many people with epilepsy, there should be around 900 nurses! See how many nurses there are in your area

Making epilepsy care a priority from 2012

Soon there will only be epilepsy specialist nurses if GPs “commission” them. With your help, we can make sure that is exactly what GPs do.

We are updating our guide for GPs, showing what epilepsy healthcare should look like. And we’re planning to include a new section about the new commissioning process. We’ll also be supporting people with epilepsy to get involved in the commissioning process.

With your donation we’ll work with GPs and people with epilepsy. We’ll ensure they have all the information they need to help put in place quality epilepsy care.

Please make a donation or a small regular gift by Direct Debit, to our campaign fighting fund today. Fight with us to protect healthcare for people with epilepsy now and in the future.



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