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Find out about our Take epilepsy action campaign, raising awareness among the general public of different kinds of seizures and appropriate first aid.

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YES! I want people to know first aid for epilepsy

£30 can give over 150 people a wallet-sized guides to first aid for seizures.

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  • My eyes are fearful.

  • I’m dazed and agitated.

  • My speech is jumbled.

What do you see?

Do you see someone who is drunk or drugged? Someone just acting strangely?

Or do you see someone having an epileptic seizure?

In fact, this is a description of a seizure Sharon from Bristol has half a dozen times a year. Click here to read her full story.

We know from calls we get to our Epilepsy Helpline, that people’s seizures are often mistaken for something else.

There are around 40 different types of seizure, so it’s not surprising they aren’t all recognised.

Would you recognise brief absent moments as seizures? Or seizures that cause people to wander off, or take their clothes off?

And even if you knew it was a seizure – would you know what to do?

One in 20 of us will have a seizure at some point in our lives, so we should all know what to do. Sharon’s story shows what can happen when people provide well-intentioned, but misinformed care.

Yet, just £30 can give over 150 people one of our wallet-sized guides to first aid for seizures. It can help prevent unnecessary injuries or hospital admissions from people giving the wrong first aid.

With your help we can change things. We can help people with epilepsy feel safe, and be safe, in public. Thank you

Philip Lee,
Chief Executive of Epilepsy Action

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