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Appeal for epilepsy research

Samantha Wall from Reading is just one person who has not been able to get her epilepsy under control. Forty year old Sam had encephalitis of the brain aged 10. Despite surgery and numerous different drugs over the years, she continues to have regular seizures. Her unpredictable seizures, including tonic-clonic seizures, leave her exhausted. Epilepsy Action’s advice and information can help Sam on her journey with epilepsy. But ultimately Sam needs something extra – she needs epilepsy to be better controlled, and for it to be understood by those who care for her. Over a quarter of a million of the adults and children in the UK with epilepsy live a life disturbed by regular epileptic seizures.

With your help today, there is an answer that can change this for so many people.

The answer lies in research.

Research funded by Epilepsy Action leads to:

  • epilepsy being more swiftly diagnosed
  • epilepsy being more effectively treated
  • people with epilepsy getting the support they need to live life as fully as possible.

But right now our research plans are under threat.

The government doesn’t fund our research into epilepsy, so without donations from people like you it simply won’t happen. We will face a future still lacking the answers people with epilepsy need.

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