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of everyone affected by epilepsy

Supporting people with epilepsy in 2012

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Today 87 people will receive the news that they have got epilepsy. Another 87 people will be diagnosed tomorrow – in fact every single day.

Epilepsy can strike anyone, at any time in their life. Perhaps it has affected you or someone close to you.

It can be such a shock – a bolt out of the blue – that it’s no wonder people with epilepsy say they were scared and desperate for answers after their first seizure.

Doctor reassuring patient

We can help. The team of experts on our freephone Epilepsy Helpline responded to nearly 15,000 calls, emails and letters last year – an increase of more than 1,000 on the previous year.We expect to be needed by even more people in 2012.

With your help, we will be there. With every £6 you donate, our epilepsy experts could provide one to one advice to one more person who needs it.

Please make a donation today and make sure people with epilepsy aren’t alone when epilepsy strikes. Thank you.

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