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A fighting chance for children

LewisLewis Welton is 14 years old. For nine years he has been in and out of different schools, held back in his learning, criticised for poor attendance and even bullied. The reason? Lewis has epilepsy.

Schools are not equipping themselves to handle the class absences, memory difficulties, drug side effects or low self-esteem often experienced by pupils with epilepsy.

Our survey this spring showed what experiences like Lewis’s, all over the UK, add up to: some young people growing up with epilepsy are not achieving their full potential. *

This is unacceptable. But we need your help to give the support that’s needed to schools, parents and teachers.

A donation from you of £30 can help us make sure children with epilepsy have a fighting chance to reach their full potential. If this benefited even one child who had the early school experiences Lewis has, it would be invaluable.

Donate now

We need donations to:

  • distribute our easy-to-use templates for a school epilepsy policy and individual healthcare plans for every pupil with epilepsy
  • give advice to parents and education professionals on our helpline
  • advise teachers how to overcome epilepsy-related memory problems and the side-effects of AEDs
  • Lewis and mum Nickigive epilepsy awareness training in schools
  • develop even more useful, practical resources for schools supporting pupils with epilepsy.

Lewis has finally found a school that will help him reach his full potential. He’s being pushed forward in his learning and he no longer stutters. His mum, Nicky says: “To see Lewis smiling and willing to go to school after all the experience he has had is just brilliant.”

With your donation today, the talents and potential of children like Lewis will be nurtured by more schools.  Thank you.

Donate now

* Nearly 30 per cent of teachers said pupils with epilepsy are not achieving their full potential. Source: Epilepsy Action education survey 2012.

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