We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Stamp out stigma this Purple Day

Having epilepsy can be an isolating and lonely experience, destroying confidence and self-esteem.

Every day, people with epilepsy are experiencing stigma, prejudice and discrimination. They are being denied opportunities to work, train, learn, travel and more.

It’s time to stamp out stigma.

Please make a donation today.

Just £5 a month can equip an awareness stall with resources or help our roadshow go to one more location.


A single donation of just £25 can enable a fully trained volunteer to host an awareness session in 2013, busting myths and giving facts to a large audience.

The difference your donation will make


With your support this Purple Day, we can push ahead with changing public attitudes in 2013. With you we can:

  • Hold big-scale public events raising more awareness than ever before.
  • Give more awareness raising talks to large audiences.
  • Host more advice and information stalls in public places.
  • Work with the media to get more people talking about epilepsy.
  • Launch new online guides for the public to learn what it’s like to live with epilepsy.

Read more about how your Purple Day gift will help stamp out stigma in 2013 [PDF].

Elaine's story

“At first, family and friends were alright with my diagnosis then they began to drop out of my life, not being able to deal with the embarrassment of the seizure. It can certainly become very lonely stuck in the house 24/7. This Christmas was the most depressing and suffocating experience I've ever had - no contact from anyone, it was horrible.

I have come across the most disgraceful ignorance…. I have lost eight jobs because of the condition. I've had things said to me that would make you cringe - 'You don't look as though you have epilepsy.' 'Do we shove a spoon in your mouth if you have one?

There is so much prejudice and misunderstanding towards epilepsy, society just does not understand what it's like to live with it. We all need to start talking about epilepsy, and keep talking!”

Elaine Howell, Kettering


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