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At the age of ten, Megan was diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy. Her family contacted Epilepsy Action soon after, beginning a long association with the charity.

Megan herself called the Epilepsy Action freephone helpline for advice on how to tell her school friends about epilepsy. Now, aged 18, she’s just started university, meaning a whole new group of friends need to learn about her condition.

“The misconceptions I’ve encountered about my epilepsy are when people ask whether I can go to clubs and whether I can drink. Of course the answer is yes, although I have to be careful and sensible.

“The support I got from the helpline really helped me to be more confident telling other people about epilepsy. That’s helped me to be more independent. It’s the most important thing for me: to show that people with epilepsy are just as capable as everyone else."

Megan’s story is not unique – it’s just one example of how your support can touch and change a life.

2014 - our thank you to you!

Thanks to your commitment and wonderful generosity, we have achieved some amazing things in 2014, including:

Seize Control

Our national campaign has led people to improve their own epilepsy treatment and gain better control of their seizures.

Seize control

Specialist nurses

We have succeeded in campaigning for and funding six new epilepsy specialist nurse posts in 2014.

New epilepsy nurses


We launched two new free-to-use online courses to improve wellbeing and increase understanding of epilepsy in education.


So you see, working together, we really can help to make life better for a lot of people. Over 90 per cent of the funding for our advice services comes from supporters just like you. And last year, over 1.27 million people used those services.

Donate now to help change a life - text FUTURE 2015 to 70500 to donate £3 towards the cost of our future work. Thank you T&Cs.

2015 - you can make these things happen

  • Open our freephone Epilepsy Helpline for longer so more people can use it
  • Recruit and train more volunteers - to run local groups and provide awareness-raising presentations in workplaces, schools and to the public
  • Expand our national network of branches, coffee and chat groups and local events so that we can reach out to even more people affected by epilepsy right where they live
  • Step up our campaigns to ensure healthcare services for people with epilepsy are improved, to increase understanding of epilepsy and to reduce stigma

If you can, please help - a gift from you at this time will make all the difference. With your support we can stand together and help even more people affected by epilepsy.

Event Date: 
Friday 20 March 2015 - 11:36

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