We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Past appeals

As well as our latest appeal, you can still give to some of our past appeals.

If you would like to make a donation to any of these appeals, please just let us know which, when you are asked as part of the payment process.

Ray's story

"Once I had that diagnosis, ultimately I felt alone. I literally didn’t know where I could turn for help. So I did what so many others do in those circumstances – I looked it up on the internet. And that’s when I found the Epilepsy Action website."

Future 2015

Thanks to your commitment and wonderful generosity, we have achieved some amazing things in 2014. Working together, we really can help to make life better for a lot of people. Over 90 per cent of the funding for our advice services comes from supporters just like you. And last year, over 1.27 million people used those services. In 2015 you can make more amazing things happen.

Sarah's Diary

Every day, 87 people in the UK are diagnosed with epilepsy. Like Sarah, their lives will change. Together we can help them put the pieces back together.

Radio 4 appeal

Channel 4 news reporter, Alex Thomson spoke on Radio 4 about his own personal experience of epilepsy and the help he received from Epilepsy Action. You can listen to the appeal and donate here.

Meet Paul

Paul is an Epilepsy Specialist nurse based in Yorkshire. You can make sure nurses like Paul can help their patients.

Advice is at our heart

Our small team of epilepsy experts answer calls, emails and letters from over a thousand people every month, giving advice which helps people turn their lives around. But as a charity with almost no government funding, over 95 per cent of people can get our advice only because someone like you has made a donation.

Friendship, acceptance, support for people who face epilepsy alone

Your gift today can help set up a new coffee and chat group. Your donation can help train a volunteer host, find a safe venue and spread the word about a new group.

It’s time to stamp out stigma

Every day, people with epilepsy are experiencing stigma, prejudice and discrimination. They are being denied opportunities to work, train, learn, travel and more.

With your support this Purple Day, we can push ahead with changing public attitudes.

Bring the care of epilepsy specialist nurses to more families

Epilepsy Action has placed 88 epilepsy specialist ‘Sapphire Nurses’ over the last 17 years.  Having spent the last two years fighting to protect them from NHS cuts, we’re excited to say that we are once again receiving enquiries to place brand new nurses.

Don’t let the opportunity pass. Make a donation today and give the greatest gift – the gift of care.

Urgent appeal for epilepsy research

Over a quarter of a million of the adults and children in the UK with epilepsy live a life disturbed by regular epileptic seizures.

With your help today, there is an answer that can change this for so many people.

A fighting chance for children’ 

Our survey this spring showed some young people growing up with epilepsy are not achieving their full potential. We need your help to give the support that’s needed to schools, parents and teachers.

Supporting people with epilepsy in 2012

Our helpline received nearly 15,000 calls, emails and letters last year. Watch our video to hear how we will be needed by even more people with epilepsy in 2012, or make a donation to help us be there.

Reduce the risk of SUDEP

SUDEP tragically causes around 500 deaths each year in the UK. Read Merryn’s story and make a gift to help raise awareness of SUDEP, so people with epilepsy can make informed choices which reduce their risk.

First aid for seizures

There are around 40 different types of seizure and they don’t all look the same. Would you recognise if someone was having a seizure? Would you know what to do? Make a gift to raise awareness of different seizures and appropriate first aid.

NHS cuts – who will protect your Sapphire?

Support the on-going Save our Sapphires campaign. As the NHS changes continue, there will soon be epilepsy specialist nurses only if GPs ‘commission’ them. With your donation we can help make sure that is exactly what GPs do.

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