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of everyone affected by epilepsy


National Epilepsy Week 2019

Monday 20 May - Sunday 26 May

People with epilepsy often tell us that they feel anxious about having a seizure when they're out and about, because they worry people won't know how to help them.

That's why, this National Epilepsy Week (Monday 20 May - Sunday 26 May), we're highlighting the simple ways people can help someone having a seizure, potentially even saving their life.

We'll be raising awareness of first aid for seizure and different seizure types, and telling your stories of how you've been helped during a seizure - and the life-changing difference this can make.

Remember ACTION for tonic-clonic seizures:



Assess the situation - are they in danger of injuring themselves? Remove any nearby objects that could cause injury.



Cushion their head (with a jumper, for example) to protect them from head injury.



Check the time - if the jerking lasts longer than five minutes you should call an ambulance.



Look for a medical bracelet or ID card - it may give you information about the person's seizures and what to do.



Once the jerking has stopped, put them on their side. Stay with them and reassure them as they come round.



Never restrain the person, put something in their mouth or try to give them food or drink.


For further information about National Epilepsy Week, please contact our PR and campaigns team on +44 (0)113 210 8870 or by emailing campaigns@epilepsy.org.uk.
For advice and information about epilepsy, call our free helpline on 0808 800 5050.

Event Date: 
Wednesday 26 March 2014