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Useful organisations in the UK for support looking after your child

Getting help from other people 

If you are still having seizures, you may need some help to look after your baby. To see if you would qualify, have a look at the help for disabled parents section of the the NHS website

Claiming benefits to help care for a child 

Depending on your needs and circumstances, you may be able to claim benefits to help you care for your baby. For more information, see the Turn2us website.

Organisations who might help you

 British Pregnancy Advisory Services (BPAS)
Advocates and cares for women and couples who decide to end a pregnancy.
Tel: 03457 30 40 30
Website: bpas.org

Family Planning Association (FPA)
Information and advice about sexual health and pregnancy
Website: fpa.org.uk

Newlife Foundation
Supports children with disabilities and their families
Tel: 0800 902 0095
Website: newlifecharity.co.uk


Epilepsy Action would like to thank Epilepsy Specialist Midwife Kim Morley for her contribution to this information.

Kim Morley has no conflict of interest.

This information has been produced under the terms of The Information Standard.

  • Updated January 2017
    To be reviewed January 2020

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