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What to do if you think you have had a seizure

This information is relevant to people who live in the UK.

Visit your GP (family doctor)

If you think you have had a seizure, the first person to see is your GP (family doctor). If they think you might have epilepsy, they will usually arrange for you to see an epilepsy specialist at the hospital. This is to make sure you get the right diagnosis and have the best treatment for your epilepsy.

The epilepsy specialist is usually a neurologist (for adults) or a paediatrician (for children).

Epilepsy clinics

If there is an epilepsy clinic in your area, your GP (family doctor) will usually refer you there. Epilepsy clinics provide things like ‘fast-track’ appointments for people who have had their first seizure, and the latest scanning equipment.


Epilepsy Action would like to thank thank Dr John Paul Leach, consultant neurologist, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow for his contribution.

Dr John Paul Leach has declared no conflict of interest.

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  • Updated May 2017
    To be reviewed May 2020

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