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Epilepsy in schools

These pages are about epilepsy in schools in England. 

Epilepsy in schools in England


If you have a child with epilepsy, it is important that you feel confident that they are safe when they are at school. You should know that they are getting the ongoing support, or care they need to manage their epilepsy and keep them well. You should also be confident that if your child has a seizure at school, they will be given the appropriate first aid or emergency medicine.

Responsibilities of schools

From September 2014, new guidance came into effect, placing a legal requirement on schools in England to support children with medical conditions. The aim is to make sure that all children with medical conditions are properly supported in school, with both their physical and mental health.

The new guidance means that children with epilepsy should have full access to education. They should have the support they need to do as well as they possibly can with their studies. They should also enjoy the same opportunities at school as any other child, which includes PE and school trips.

A school must not deny your child a place because they have epilepsy. They should not send your child home frequently, or prevent them from staying at lunch time, unless there is a very good reason for this. You should not have to give up going to work, just because your child has epilepsy and school is not supporting their needs fully.

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