Hints for helpers

This information has been written primarily for someone who has epilepsy and memory problems. If you are close to someone who has epilepsy and memory problems, it may help to improve your understanding of the difficulties they face and how they might handle them. You can help, whether you are a close relative, friend or work colleague, by following these simple guidelines:


  • Try to understand what their difficulties are
  • Be a bit more patient than usual
  • Support them by accepting the ways that they try to cope with their memory difficulties
  • Adapt your way of relating to them


  • Patronise or do everything for them
  • Make too many demands or have high expectations that require a great deal of memory recall
  • Tidy up or put things away if that disrupts their way of coping
  • Interrupt them when they are talking or concentrating on something

Our thanks

This information has been adapted from the booklet Memory and epilepsy, produced by Epilepsy Action and written by Professor Gus Baker and colleagues at the University of Liverpool. It has been updated by Epilepsy Action’s advice and information team, with input from people living with epilepsy.

This information has been produced under the terms of Epilepsy Action's information quality standards.

  • Updated August 2018
    To be reviewed August 2021

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