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Jane Argent-Knapp, aged 36

Before my epilepsy was diagnosed, the seizures I experienced terrified me. I remained conscious but felt so unwell. The cause was eventually attributed to a malignant brain tumour with resulting epileptic seizures.

My world was literally turned on its head. Thankfully, hospital treatment reduced the tumour with radiotherapy and my epilepsy is now controlled with medication.

Epilepsy Mine image - Jane Argent-Knapp page 

The side effects of drugs can take their toll - fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, are all issues in todays fast, aesthetic society. Personally, the most difficult aspect is vulnerability: when, where might a seizure occur? I have written poems about my experience, this one best describes my epilepsy.  

Twisted twine

Up the spine

Shrinking vine



The after place

Something deep inside

Hold on tight

It’s alright

When’s the next time?

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