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Therese Curtis, aged 59

 Epilepsy Mine image - Theresa Curtis page

I am lucky in that having epilepsy has never stopped me from having a family, or a job, or doing most things I’ve wanted to do. However, the downside has been that in general, I have had to question doctors and hospital staff about any treatment I have received, reminding them that I take medication for epilepsy. There seems to be a great lack of knowledge of the medication and its effect on other drugs.

For example, the drug I take for my epilepsy does not suit the medicine I need for an under active thyroid and its taken quite a while to sort out a good dose for me.

There needs to be more research done on women and epilepsy drugs. I know others, who like me, have had problems through being prescribed the pill, HRT etc with little regard being given to side effects we might have.

If you’re a woman with epilepsy you have to learn to ask questions and not be fobbed off.

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