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Epilepsy Action don't run any branches in Scotland.  However both Epilepsy Scotland and Epilepsy Connections work with people to support them across Scotland.

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I honestly dont understand why there is no support for people with epilepsy in Scotland there are people all over the world that has this "invisible" illness but they get support in their area...there is only so much support people can recieve online, it distresses me that we have no support apart from an epilepsy nurse that just chucks all the responsability to my doctor...useless

Submitted by megan holman on

I feel the same! I have partial epilepsy and would like to help in some way but am surprised that there is no support in Scotland! I am currently waiting to see if I can get surgery to stop seizures.

Submitted by Angela McClung on

Hi Angela
To confirm support is available in Scotland from Epilepsy Scotland and Epilepsy Connections. They both support and work with people across Scotland.

Epilepsy Action Advice and Information Team

Submitted by Diane, Epilepsy... on