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Consensus supporters

Consensus statement in response to the recently published NICE guideline on the diagnosis and management of the epilepsies

November 2004

The Consensus Group:

  • Dr Jonathan Bird (Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Bristol and Consensus Group Chair)
  • Simon Wigglesworth (Epilepsy Action, Deputy Chair)
  • Jane Hanna (Epilepsy Bereaved)
  • David Josephs (Joint Epilepsy Council and National Society for Epilepsy)
  • Professor John Duncan (Neurologist, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, National Society for Epilepsy and President Elect of the UK Chapter of the International League against Epilepsy),
  • Dr Bill Hall (GP, Settle)
  • Dr Richard Appleton, (Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Liverpool)
  • Professor Stephen Brown (Professor of Developmental Neuropsychiatry, Bodmin)
  • Mel Goodwin (Epilepsy Specialist Nurse and Chair of the Epilepsy Nurses Association)

Other Consensus Supporters:

Epilepsy Clinicians:




Dr Hannah Cock

Senior Lecturer & Honorary Consultant Neurologist. Clinical Neurosciences (Epilepsy Group)

St Georges Hospital Medical School, London

Dr Jayaprakash A Gosalakkal

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

UHL Leicester

Dr R F Massey

Consultant Paediatrician with a special interest in Neurology)

Hull Royal Infirmary

Khalid Hamandi

Clinical Research Fellow and Specialist Registrar

Institute of Neurology and NSE

Robert Jones

Consultant Paediatrician

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Dr O'Donoghoe

Consultant Neurologist

Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham

Paul McKee


James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough

Dr Mark Lawden

Consultant Neurologist

Leicester Royal Infirmary

Marcus Reuber

Consultant Neurologist

Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

Marian McGowan

Consultant Paediatrician

St George’s Hospital. London

Colin Ferrie

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

Leeds General Infirmary

Ingram Wright

Paediatric Neuropsychologist

Sheffield Children's Hospital

Dr Daniel Rogers

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist


Professor Gus A Baker

Professor Of Clinical Neuropsychology & Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dept of Neurological Science, Clinical Science Centre for Research and Education, Liverpool

Dr PRJ Barnes

Consultant Neurologist

King’s College Hospital, London

Dr P Cleland

Consultant Neurologist

Sunderland Royal Hospital

Udd Wieshmann

Consultant Neurologist

The Walton Centre, Liverpool

Dr Helen Cross

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

The Hospital for Sick Children, Gt. Ormond Street

Dr AEL Freeman

Consultant Paediatrician with responsibility for District Children’s Epilepsy Services

St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth

C Sainsbury

Consultant Paediatrician

Torbay Hospital

Anas Olabi

Consultant Paediatrician with interest in Epilepsy

Morecambe Bay NHS Trust

Renée McCarter

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Head of Neuropsychology

North Bristol NHS Trust

Alex Hamilton

Consultant Paediatrician

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

RDC Elwes

Consultant Neurologist

King’s College Hospital, London

Dr Stefan Cembrowicz

General Practitioner

Montpelier Health Centre, Bristol

Andrew Curran

Consultant paediatric neurologist

Alder Hey Hospital

Dr Susan Duncan

Consultant Neurologist

Hope Hospital, Salford

Dr Steve Hinder

Consultant in Psychiatry of Learning Disability

Solihull PCT

Richard Roberts

Reader in Medicine and Hon Consultant Neurologist

University of Dundee and NHS Tayside

Neel Kamal

Consultant Paediatrician with interest in Neurology/Neurodisability

The Children’s Centre, Hull

M A McShane

Consultant paediatric neurologist

The John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Professor Brian G R Neville

Professor of Childhood Epilepsy

Neurosciences Unit, Mecklenburgh Square, London

M Driver

Consultant Paediatrician with interest in Epilepsy and Neurology

Royal Surrey County Hospital

Dr Holger Allroggen

Consultant Neurologist

University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire

William Whitehouse

Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Neurology

Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham

Dr Milicia Mavra

Consultant Neurologist

Southend Hospital

Colin Kennedy


British Paediatric Neurology Association

Dr Kathleen Murtagh

Consultant Community Paediatrician

Central Suffolk PCT NHS Trust

Dr Kahlid Mohamed

Consultant paediatric neurologist

Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool

Dr Tim J von Oertzen

Consultant Neurologist/Epileptologist

Atkinson Morley Regional Neuroscience Centre (Epilepsy Group)
St. George's Hospital, London

Dr Patricia Atkinson

Consultant Paediatrician

Crawley Hospital

Dr CI Dellaportas

Associate Specialist and Hon Lecturer in Clinical Neurology

West London Neurosciences Centre

Dr G R Lawson

Consultant Paediatrician

Sunderland Royal Hospital

P T Goulding

Consultant Neurologist

St James Hospital, Leeds

Dr Partha Ray

Consultant Neurologist

Walton Centre for Neurology, Liverpool

Heather Angus-Leppan

Consultant Neurologist

Royal Free Hospital, London

Elaine Hughes

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

Guys Hospital and Kings College Hospital


Epilepsy Specialist Nurses:




Gillian Greenwood

Sapphire Nurse

Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Trust

Joanne Hill

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse


Edna O’Neill

Sapphire Nurse LD

Down Lisburn Trust

Erica Chisanga

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Lesley McCoy

Sapphire Nurse

Sunderland Royal Hospital

Ena Bingham

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Royal Hospital Trust, Belfast

Sue Comish

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Leigh Infirmary, Lancashire

Pam Mantri

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Durham & Chester-le-Street PCT

Judith H Lanfear

Nurse Advisor in Epilepsy and Neurological Studies

Leeds Metropolitan University

Julie Pill

Learning disability/Epilepsy nurse

Swindon PCT

Davina Beck

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse of Children

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Leila Shannon

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Solihull Primary Care Trust

Isobel McMichael

Staff Nurse (Paediatric)

United Lincoln Trust

Bernie Concannon

CNS Paediatric Epilepsy

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Mary Codling

Primary Health Care Liaison Nurse

Wokingham PCT, Berkshire NHS Trust

Phil Tittensoir

Clinical Nurse Specialist – Epilepsy

Staffordshire General Hospital

Andrew Pilley

Clinical Nurse Specialist – Epilepsy

Barnsley PCT

Kathryn Ibbotson

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Barnsley PCT

Mrs ISE Shaftsbury

Epilepsy Liaison Nurse, Paediatrics

Furness General Hospital, Cumbria

Lorraine Lawton

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Greater Manchester Clinical Neuroscience Centre

Clare Harrison

Epilepsy Liaison Nurse

National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy, Lingfield

Ms S Dziurzynska

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

York Hospitals NHS Trust

Kath Akeroyd

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Aileen Ferguson

Special School Nursing Sister

Suffolk West PCT

Paul Donnelly

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Bromley NHS Trust

Elizabeth Ross

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Billericay, Brentwood and Wickford PCT

Debbie Bancarz-Dadd

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse


Christine Morley

Paediatric Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Humber Mental Health Trust

Bernadette Lee

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport

Carole Doran

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Epilepsy

Tickhill Road Hospital, Doncaster

Terry Burton

Nurse Manager, Learning Disabilities

Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Carina Mack

Clinical Manager Neurosciences

Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Judith Reed

Epilepsy Surgery Liaison Nurse

North Bristol NHS Trust

Helen Coyle

Epilepsy Nurse Specialist

Hope Hospital, Salford

Lynne Philip

Community Nurse Manager

North Warwickshire

Jenny Stewart

Children's epilepsy nurse specialist

Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral

Jennifer Nightingale

Epilepsy Nurse Specialist

Barts and London NHS Trust

Sarah Goodman

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Epilepsy

Princess Royal Hospital, Telford

W Varndell

Nurse Practitioner

Homerton University Hospital, London

Jackie Bradley

Children’s Outreach Nurse

Bradford NHS Trust

Mrs V Rimmer

Roald Dahl Epilepsy Nurse Specialist

Royal Surrey County Hospital

Beverly Clancey

Nurse (RNLD)

Surrey Oaklands NHS Trust

Lynn Neylan

Midwife Epilepsy Liaison

Doncaster Bassetlaw Foundation Trust

Wendy Smith

Community Nurse Specialist

Park View Resource Centre, Norfolk

Kay France

Community Nurse (Learning Disabilities)

Heywood and Middleton PCT

Sue Higgins

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Gloucester Royal Hospital

Sally-Ann Remnant

CNS Epilepsy

East Surrey Hospital, Redhill

Sara Laitey

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

King’s College Hospital NHS Trust

C Kershaw

Neurology Nurses Specialist

Worthing Hospital

Andrew Smith

Specialist Epilepsy Nurse

Canterbury and Coastal PCT, Kent

Trish Hosking

Epilepsy Nurse Specialist

National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery London

Charlie Bell

Senior Community Nurse – Specialist Epilepsy Service

Fareham & Gosport PCT

Mr P Ramkoleea

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Epilepsy

Charing Cross Hospital

Carol Atherton

Staff Nurse Neurosurgical ITU/HDU Ward

Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

Voluntary Organisations:




Graham Faulkner  

Chief Executive  National Society for Epilepsy 
Bob Haughton  Chief Executive  National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy, Lingfield 
Hilary Mounfield 

Chief Executive  

Epilepsy Scotland 
Leigh Slocombe  Executive Director

Epilepsy Research Foundation  

Kevin McMullen  

Chief Executive  

St Elizabeth’s Centre

Jacqui Bate  Chairperson  Gwent Epilepsy Group 
Jo Garside  Director  Fund for Epilepsy 

Other Support:




Baroness Joyce Gould of Potternewton


All Party-Parliamentary Group on Epilepsy

Cheryl Gillan MP

Vice Chair

All Party-Parliamentary Group on Epilepsy

Alice Hanscomb

Trainer and consultant

Hanscomb Training and Consultancy

Sandra Beeston

Deputy Manager

Gables Care Home Limited

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