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'Epilepsy Aware' scheme for beauty therapists

Epilepsy Action has begun a campaign to encourage beauty therapists to adopt a positive attitude towards providing treatment to people with epilepsy.

An increasing number of people have recently contacted us saying that they have been refused certain beauty treatments because of their epilepsy. Some people have been told that they need to sign a release form and/or have a letter from their doctor before they can have certain beauty treatments.

Epilepsy Action information on epilepsy and beauty treatments

Epilepsy Action wants to encourage beauty salons to adopt a positive attitude towards providing treatments to people with epilepsy and to let people with epilepsy know about salons that have such a positive attitude. This is where we need your help.

As part of the campaign we are asking people to let us know about positive or negative experiences that they have had when getting treatment at beauty salons. This could include salons that have refused to provide you with treatments because you have epilepsy or salons that have been positive towards your epilepsy.

Individual beauty salons who display a positive attitude towards people with epilepsy can also join the scheme by signing this statement.

Nominations that we receive will be added to this page

We would also like to hear about any beauty salons that have displayed a negative attitude and may have refused to treat people with epilepsy. We will contact these salons to give them advice and information about the condition of epilepsy and the rights of people with epilepsy under the Disability Discrimination Act.

If you would like to see your beauty therapist on this list or to let us know of a beauty therapist that is not ‘Epilepsy Aware’ then please contact us. You can contact Pete Scott, our Campaigns and Policy Officer, on 0113 210 8800 or by email to pscott@epilepsy.org.uk

Listed below are the beauty therapists that have joined the ‘Epilepsy Aware’ scheme (in order of postcode region) or have been recommended by people with epilepsy. This list will be regularly updated, as more beauty therapists become 'Epilepsy Aware':


CV (Warwickshire) area:

  • A Key to Beauty and Semi-Permanent Make-up, Fennis Field Farm, Little Lawford, Rugby

DE (Derby) postcode area:

  • Avalon, The Old Hall, St Peters Churchyard, Derby
    Comments: "Due to having polycistic ovaries I have more facial hair than I should have which makes me very self concious. When I first got in touch with Tracy I was very miserable. She took me in that day and gave me a wax. She explained why laser treatment was not an option but also explained that she was getting a new system in that worked in the same way and was suitable for epileptics. She explained how it worked and said she was really looking forward to getting the treatment and wanted to do it even more now she had met me. Tracy has become a really good friend and has supported me through good times and bad. She really understands and tries to do the best she can for everyone and always smiles and brightens your day. She will recommend reiki practitioners and aromatherapist but only if she has used them and knows they are good."

G (Glasgow) postcode area:

  • CutBothWays, Kilbowie Road, Clydebank
    Comments: "I would recomend this salon"

GU (Guildford) postcode area

  • The Cedar Hut, Vickers Road, Ash Vale
    Lin has been recommended by a customer

IV (Inverness) postcode area:

  • Revive, High Street, Nairn
    Comments: "Rebecca owns the salon and along with all her staff goes out of her way to make sure I am "pampered". She knows which procedures I am allowed and which she would prefer not to use - eg.certain facials. She ALWAYS checks before she uses the products - I feel safe in her hands. I went through a v. bad stage with my E and depression on top - she gave me a lot of pampering for free. I don't know what I would have done without her and her staff's generosity at the time."

LL (Llandudno) postcode area:

  • Sizzastyle, Grange Road, Rhyl
    Comments: "Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Not in the least discriminatory.

M (Manchester) postcode area:

  • Bodywyze Health and Beauty Salon, Flixton Rd, Urmston
    Comments: "I had been going to this salon for many years, before getting epilepsy. However i developed epilepsy after the birth of my second child. The salon has always been great. If i wish to have a massage they will read up on the oils that are not recommended for people with epilepsy. I regularly have treatments there They have a great team of therapists."

MK (Milton Keynes) postcode area:

  • Beauty and Beyond, Wolverton Road, Stony Stratford
    Comments: "Myself and my friend, who also has epilepsy, go to this salon for our waxing. Nikki doesnt have a problem treating us and has a positive attitude and shows a interest in how you're feeling."

NG (Nottingham) postcode area:

  • Indigo Blue, 2 Southwell Rise, Giltbrook, Nottingham

PE (Peterborough) postcode area:

  • Top to Toe, Hill Street, Wisbech
    Comments: "I go there to have leg waxes, ear piercing and hair dos. Each and every time I go I'm made as welcom as the next person and we have a good laugh too. Have had epilepsy for 30 odd years and Top to Toe for about 15 years. I'd give it 10/10 for discretion."

SL (Slough) postcode area:

  • Danesfield House Hotel & Spa, Henley Road, Marlow-on-Thames
    Comments: "On check in everyone was asked to complete a form where I indicated I was epileptic, when I went in for my massage I discussed it with the masseur. He was very well informed about epilepsy and explained what he would do if I felt I was going to have an episode. This reassurred me and helped me to relax. It was a wonderful experience."

WA (Warrington) postcode area:

  • Chic hairdressers, West End Road, Haydock, St. Helens
    Comments: "Although this isn't a beautician, it's a haidressers, I felt I had to mention them when I saw the article. I go here for my hair done and everyone there knows I have epilepsy and always ask how I'm doing when i arrive. I've had a few seizures whilst there, absences mainly and once a full blown, on the floor "twitcher"! They were completely cool about it. They made sure i was safe and called my husband. They've since said that they were appalled by the reaction of the old ladies in there who made comments like I shouldn't come out if that's going to happen and I upset them! Trisha in particular told them what she thought about that comment and if someone being temporarily unwell upset them so much, perhaps they shouldn't come out! Fabulous place and people and they're really good at doing your hair!"

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