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Seize Control Seeing a doctor Professionals Stories Toolkit

Seize Control is about empowering patients, optimising treatment and improving quality of life wherever possible.

This web page is designed to give you access to information about our Seize Control events and tools for health professionals. Further information about the campaign.  

Seize Control evening workshops for health professionals

Our evening Seize Control workshops aim to help you to support patients who are undergoing investigations regarding the suitability of treatments such as brain surgery, deep brain stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation or a change in anti-epileptic drugs.

Places are FREE to both epilepsy specialists and non-epilepsy specialist. In addition to hearing more about additional epilepsy treatments, you can share your own experiences, hear from others and ask ‘the experts’ your treatment-related questions.

Dates, booking forms and sign-up for event alerts.

Order hard copies of our Seize Control patient toolkit

The Seize Control toolkit was developed to enhance communication between patients and their health professionals. Patients can use the toolkit to monitor and discuss the impact of their epilepsy, seizure frequency and epilepsy treatment on their health and wellbeing.  

You can view the Seize Control toolkit online or order hard copies of the toolkit.

Seize Control surveys

More than 1,000 patients have completed our Seize Control patient survey.  Our results showed that only two-thirds of respondents who are not seizure-free, (65 per cent, 541/830) recalled having being invited for a treatment review, with any healthcare professional, during the last two years.

GPs or practice nurses carried out reviews on 247 people who are not seizure free. Disappointingly only 20 per cent (49/247) of these people were referred to another medical professional.

You can read more of our Seize Control Patient Survey results - coming soon.

Right to reply…

The best way to reply to our patient survey findings is by joining our Seize Control health professionals’ survey. As part of this anonymous survey, we hope to learn more about the patients who aren’t seizure free, and any constraints or issues health professionals face when trying to optimise treatment for these patients.

The results of the survey will be used by Epilepsy Action as we continue to campaign for better resourcing of epilepsy services and timely access to a wide range of treatments.

Event Date: 
Wednesday 13 May 2015 - 10:12

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