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Lifeline - from adolescence to menopause

Guiding women with epilepsy through the changes in life

October 2006

4 October 2006 saw the launch of Epilepsy Action’s new UK women’s campaign Lifeline – from adolescence to menopause, guiding women with epilepsy through the changes in life. The launch took place at the Second National Primary Care Event.

Lifeline is set to raise awareness among health professionals and women with epilepsy of the stages in a woman’s life, when a woman may need extra support and information to make informed decisions about epilepsy care and treatment.

Epilepsy Action is looking for women with epilepsy, living in the UK, who are willing to share their experience of epilepsy by being case studies, working with our press officer. Your experiences help to make our campaigns successful, by helping people and health professionals to better understand the lives of women with epilepsy.

There are an estimated 230,688 women with epilepsy in the UK and the campaign launch coincided with the release of Epilepsy Action’s new Women and epilepsy booklet. This has been produced to provide the latest information on a wide range of female health issues, including:

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