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Give an extra gift this Christmas

Philip Lee, Chief Executive, Epilepsy Action. And a big red Christmas bauble

This year we have shared the stories of some fantastic people who have experienced some of the worst that epilepsy can throw at them. People like Suzanne and her daughter Harriette. Their family life was turned upside down when Harriette began having seizures when she was just three years old. Philip Lee, Chief Executive, Epilepsy Action

Suzanne and Harriette

Suzanne and Harriette
"That night we both slept on the sofa together as I was petrified of leaving her on her own. My husband and I were beside ourselves with worry."Harriette's mum, Suzanne

A gift of £9 from you could really help to take away that worry and anxiety. Epilepsy Action produces special kids' packs that explain epilepsy in simple, understandable terms. They cost around £3 each, so your donation could help three more families like Harriette's, taking away their fears after a seizure.

Give an extra gift of £9 this Christmas
For many people with epilepsy, the fear of having a seizure is one of the biggest challenges they face. In July we shared the experiences of Helen, our national manager for local services. Helen spoke about the difficulties she sees people facing every day.

Debbie and Helen

Suzanne and Harriette

Helen spoke about a lady called Debbie who came to a local Epilepsy Action support group for the first time. It was an art session and Debbie painted a window with a view onto the outside world.

"I painted that to show how isolating epilepsy can be, which is my own personal experience," she said. "I am afraid to go out alone, so I am often the person inside looking out."

An extra gift of £15 from you this Christmas will help us train a volunteer to set up and run a new local support group. You can give someone like Debbie the gift of leaving loneliness behind forever.

Give an extra gift of £15 this Christmas
This year we have also been sharing Naomi's story. Naomi felt her epilepsy was cutting her off from the world.

Naomi and Grace

Naomi and Grace
"I was in a shopping centre. There were people everywhere, but I still felt completely isolated. Anxiety took over and I sat on a bench and just burst into tears. I cried uncontrollably for about 15 minutes." Naomi

Feeling drained and deflated, Naomi did something that she says changed her life. She called the Epilepsy Action Helpline and spoke to my colleague Grace.

A gift of £30 will help our advisers like Grace to offer emotional support, reassurance and advice. It will make a vital difference to people like Naomi left totally isolated by epilepsy.

Give an extra gift of £30 this Christmas
Please, if you can, give an extra gift this Christmas. You really can change a life with that simple act. Thank you, and best wishes for a peaceful Christmas.
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