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harriette reading with her mum

When my daughter Harriette had her first seizure she was terrified – and so was I. You can help children like her learn to live with epilepsy by donating today.

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I still vividly remember the day my three-year-old daughter Harriette had her first seizure. For a terrifying moment I thought I had lost her forever. Then, thankfully, she started shaking, but she still wasn't coming round.

harriette enjoying the epilepsy action kids activity bookEvery single day, countless children like Harriette have an epileptic seizure. For some, seizures can be life-threatening, while for others they could lead to a nasty fall and a life-changing injury. You can help to make life safer for children with epilepsy by making a donation to Epilepsy Action today.

I knew that Harriette's life had changed forever that day. My husband and I were beside ourselves. If epilepsy has touched your life in any way, you may well have experienced similar worries yourself.

A donation from you today could really help to take away that worry and anxiety. Epilepsy Action produces special kids' packs that explain epilepsy in simple, understandable terms. They cost just £3 each, so your gift could help families understand the condition and know how to go about getting help and treatment. You really would be making a life-changing difference to a child like Harriette.

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harriette enjoying the epilepsy action kids activity bookThe pack gave Harriette a way of talking about her condition and helped the other children realise what was happening to her. The children were all so supportive, and the kids' pack really helped. One in every 240 children will have a diagnosis of epilepsy – that's an average of one child in every primary school.

Without understanding and support, those children are in danger. They could fall and badly hurt themselves. Some may need urgent medical attention because of the type of seizure they are having. That's why Epilepsy Action wants to reach out to schools across the UK. They want to make sure teachers and schoolchildren are prepared and know what to do when a seizure happens. Your donation today could help Epilepsy Action provide teachers with information about epilepsy. It could give them specialist training in what to do if a seizure happens. Just imagine what that could mean for a child like Harriette.

Your gift could change children's lives - at a time when they really need that support. I know that the world can feel daunting for mums and dads too. That's when you really need a voice of reason – someone who knows the facts. Epilepsy Action is that voice of reason. You could help them provide the practical support people need by donating today.

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harriette enjoying her eegWhenever I'm at a low point I can go to the Epilepsy Action website and can find information and support. But, sometimes it's even better to go to an Epilepsy Action support group, where people like me can meet others who are going through the same things. Your donation could help Epilepsy Action set up another local support group, to help families like ours find the support they need.

Whatever gift you could spare today, you could help Epilepsy Action reach out to the people who need help. I've seen first-hand that they can change a child's life forever, so I urge you to support their work today.

Suzanne Waring, Harriette's mum.

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