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What does epilepsy look like?

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Epilepsy is often referred to as the ‘hidden condition’. This is because unless someone sees you having a seizure – they often have no idea that you have epilepsy! But by sharing your epilepsy stories and photos, we can help the general public to see what epilepsy looks like.

We can also challenge some common misunderstandings, such as:

  • All seizures look the same
  • You take a pill to cure epilepsy
  • Everyone grows out of epilepsy

There are two ways in which you can help:

1. Join our campaign today

Can you talk publically about your life during the last year, and share 12 photos or images that tell your epilepsy story? Then email campaigns@epilepsy.org.uk for more information.

2. Share all of our What does epilepsy look like? stories

On Purple Day 2015, look out for our What does epilepsy look like? stories on Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and our website. And please re-tweet, like and share, so that we can reach as many people as possible.

Event Date: 
Thursday 12 February 2015 - 14:44

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