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of everyone affected by epilepsy

Anniversaries and other special occasions

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Instead of receiving lots of silver or gold photo frames...

50th anniversary

Party organiser

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Did you know...

If your friends and family still wish to give you a present you can encourage them to get one through our give as you shop scheme where big name brands like John Lewis and Amazon will donate a percentage of their profits to Epilepsy Action simply for shopping through our link!

Your guest's gift to you could provide life changing support to people affected by epilepsy.

Kath and Harry on their 50th anniversary

Kath and Harry invited their family and friends to donate to Epilepsy Action instead of receiving gifts.

"The Gift Aid celebration envelopes made donations worth even more ... we are delighted that everyone has given so generously."

Our thanks and congratulations go to Kath and Harry and their family and friends for their wonderful gift.

Still not sure? Contact Lisa at celebrate@epilepsy.org.uk or request your free samples now

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