We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


Aira Baleišytė

Tolerance to (the) disease by Aira Baleišytė
Oil on canvas, 60 x 80cm.

Aira Baleišytė is a 21 year old student of Vilnius Art Academy. Her work is strongly related to internal feelings, but she always tries to paint what touches each viewer’s heart. In her free time she writes poetry, so her works are sometimes reminiscent of characters and details from mystical history. She always tries not only to convey positive emotion but also a thought or lesson, which she has learned. Aira’s work has been shown in eight personal exhibitions and she has participated in two international art plain airs. She is interested in expressionism and its possibilities.

Seizure front cover volume 49

Event Date: 
Thursday 5 February 2015

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