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Ieva Eimutyte-Mikelkeviciene

‘Together’ by Ieva Eimutyte-Mikelkeviciene, 2017

‘Together’ by Ieva Eimutyte-Mikelkeviciene, 2017
Oil on canvas, 50 x 70cm

Ieva Eimutyte-Mikelkeviciene was born in Klaipeda, Lithuania and spent most of her childhood and youth in Nida which is one of the most beautiful cities in Lithuania. The unique landscape of this town inspired her creativity. As a child she sought artistic expression by singing, dancing, writing poems, playing piano and kanklės (a traditional Lithuanian folk string instrument). Fascinated by painting quite late (in 2015), Ieva has not yet chosen one particular style or one way of expressing herself. She aims to discover more of the variety of expression through painting and try different genres. Painting is a kind of challenge for her and a possibility to reconnect with herself, a type of meditation and relaxation, a short escape from the whole world.

Seizure cover

Event Date: 
Tuesday 10 February 2015

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