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Irena Trefilová

‘Fortress (Pevnost)’ by Irena Trefilová

‘Fortress (Pevnost)’ by Irena Trefilová
Watercolour, 90 x 100cm
Courtesy of Jana Zarubova

Irena Trefilová was born on 5th March 1967 in České Budějovice.  She studied painting at the High School of Applied Arts.

She is able to turn strong impulses immediately into paint and processes a wide range of topics (dance, theatre or ballet performances etc.), music (saxophonist, pianist). She documents what she catches her interest - including technology (submarine) and landscape. Irena uses intuition and says: "I will get in whatever I sense. How emotions begin is particularly important."

She has been working on medical illustrations for a long time. She produces watercolours for relaxation purposes. She works in Bylany near Kutná Hora, Záluží, Vltavou and Prague. She has exhibited in Cairo and Casablanca.

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Event Date: 
Tuesday 10 February 2015

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