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Kellyann Geurts


'Interwoven Threads of Disturbance'.  This is a thought image to model an EEG recording. Spaces exist between the fabric of its construction, in the loosely woven layers oscillating with what is there and what is not there, what is recorded and what is not.

Kellyann Geurts (born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1968) enrolled at art school and explored ways to visually communicate experiences of epilepsy after she had experienced her fi rst seizure at age 23 (Books: Of mind, an emotional matter, 1996 and Water in Your Head, 1999). In her Master of Fine Arts project (A Theory of Error, 2002) she explored ways to ‘picture a thought’ through photographic and digital media. Her current PhD research investigates Thought Photography in a contemporary arena.

Event Date: 
Thursday 5 February 2015 - 19:01

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