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Not Vital

'HEAD 1' 2013. 150 x 130 x 105cm, stainless steel with PVD coating. Photograph: Eric Gregory Powell. 

Not Vital developed this sculptural series in his studio in the art district of Caochangdi, Beijing.  In 2013 Vital made a trip to Laos where he saw an oversize Buddha head that was placed directly on the floor, exuding concentrated spiritually and remarkable beauty.  This inspired him to begin a series of HEADs, portraits and self-portraits as tall or taller than a human, characterised by abstracted and simplified shapes.  They are sprayed with a patina whereby reflections are muted and distorted.  The polished reflective surfaces render the form and content fluid, and relient on the audience.

Not Vital was born in Sent (Engadine, Switzerland) in 1948. His works are inspired from his encounters, impressions and collaborative projects amongst different cultures around the world. Currently his life revolves, according to his artistic projects, around his hometown Sent, Agadez (Niger), Patagonia (Chile), Beijing (China), Flores (Indonesia) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Event Date: 
Thursday 5 February 2015 - 19:01

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