I have had epilepsy since I was 11 for grand mal seizures and after being on Sodium Valproate most of my life, I was having trouble conceiving . I was very naive - the obstetrician advised me to change meds , so reluctantly I went to my neurologist and did. (I think I was living with my head in the sand a bit). After a long journey , myself and my husband had healthy twin girls who became our world! We had our family and wild horses wouldn’t have me doing ivf again - I didn’t want another pregnancy or child . I stopped taking the folic acid and for 4 years Wasn’t using any contraception . Then, one fine day I felt sick and it struck me this was how I felt when I was pregnant - and yes , by some miracle I was pregnant ! Nervous was my first instinct - I ran to the chemist for the folic acid . The pregnancy went fine until 28 weeks , when I had a massive grand mal seizure. My husband administered buccalam , which stopped it and I vomited up. The next day I went to the hospital and all was fine with the baby but after that I was dosed up to the eyeballs on meds By the neurologist and obstetrician. We had a healthy baby girl delivered on schedule ! Unfortunately it took me longer to get my health back after wards due to necessary med changes. I couldn’t do night feeds and my mind got overstimulated easily. I Took it as easy as I could, changed my lifestyle and felt slow improvements . But now I can look back and see how lucky we are to have three healthy girls . None of it came easy . Ultimately I really wanted children so was going to take the chances.

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