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My name is Krystal Johnson
And after my motorbike accident 2014, when a women thought she was Lewis Hamilton pulled out on me and my 1000cc motorcycle...I saw white and told the universe to look after my twin daughters.
I had a dislocated left knee, an airline crack in my right foot (So there goes my KG heels), shards of window glass in my neck, my lip had exploded against the car and my helmet and was hanging down by my chin, no knuckles on my left 4th and 5th finger broken metacarpal as well oh fluid on right side of my brain and a micro bleed to the left...and to top it all off my bike was a write off! (Let’s just say I was a walking advert on what to wear whilst riding a motorbike A&E staffs words)
13 years of riding and it happened 4 days before my 30th birthday. Fast forward 3 years still on going with solicitors etc dealing with ...these in my daughters words “Funny things” It would start off, yawning, feeling irritable, hot and then everything gets loud and then slows down, BANG there I go. My best mate said it looked like I had a stroke my eyes would roll and speech be non existent! I would ache and sleep all next day!
My daughters pulled me out the bath once as they said “Mum your having one of your funny things” then I was told 3 weeks ago all these times for the past three years of being told by solicitors it’s all psychological #feelings it turns out thank you to the NHS I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy...I don’t know how to feel but the first thing I did ask was whilst the tears run down my face “Will I be able to ride my bike one day?” She explained that people always have this perception of once you have epilepsy everything stops but it doesn’t it’s just put on hold ... for a year and if the tests show all is well whilst taking my Lamotrigine it should be ok...so now instead of feeling like my life is over I’m saving for my next bike R1M so what I’m trying to say is there is light at end of the tunnel and never give up on your dreams.

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