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Sam Holloway

It’s not a particularly long story but its one I want to share. My whole life has been spent active doing sports and competing and generally living a healthy lifestyle, Ive always been one who never got ill etc etc.

On the 27th November 2017 I begun my normal morning routine of getting up having a shower getting ready for work, next thing I knew I woke up on my bedroom floor surrounded by paramedics. I hadn’t a clue what on earth had happened or was going on, when my partner and the paramedics begun to explain to me that I’d had a seizure ... I was shocked completely, None of us knew why or what was going on.

After being released from hospital later that day with a clear results I begun carrying on my life as normal other than driving. Although I must admit I was a tad concerned it would happen again !

10 days had passed taking us to the 7th December 2017, again I went about my every day routine getting ready when I was stopped in my tracks in my bathroom, My hearing went my eye sight went and before I had any time to react I woke up on the sofa surrounded again by paramedics, this time Knowing exactly what had happened.

Luckily that day I was taken into hospital I had an appointment booked with a specialist who later on that day diagnosed me with Epilepsy.

And to be honest with you I haven’t done a particularly large amount of research about it, Ive been put on meds and hopefully they do the job. I think the hardest pill to swallow was the doctor telling me I wont be able to drive for 12 months and having to surrender my liscence especially having just got a new car a few weeks before.

Whilst I know its a tough blow theres not much else you can do about it than to keep going and get on with life. Once on the meds I know a normal life is well and truly possible.

I’ve got a background of many charity events to my name and I’m hoping in the near future to take on Kilimanjaro to raise important funds and also most importantly awareness of Epilepsy as its allot more common than I’m sure most people are aware.

Sam Holloway
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