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Neil Grant

When I was 3 yrs old. I remember waiting for my Dad to come home on leave from the R.A.F. I was standing on a chair looking out the window with my Mum. All off a sudden I saw my Dad walking down the road . I said "Mummy , Daddy's coming Daddy's Coming". It was then that I started convulsing and fitting. I had all sorts of tests and was put on Phenobarbatone. Then Zarontin, And I am now on Epilim. I remember falling off the step to go outside and blacked my eye as I fell. My Mum used to put sunglasses on me as she did not want anyone to see me like that my mum said I looked like Roy Orbison (lol). When it was time to go to school my Teachers was told of my illness. I used to fall asleep in class and all the kids wondered what was wrong with me. So obviously my Teacher (Mrs Bray) told the children about me in case I had a fit outside. Eventually as I got in the Juniors the kids grew up and became cruel. They used to take the mickey and say "Give your washing to Neil when he has a fit in the bath he will do your washing, I hated it. I just kept being taken the mickey out of. When I went to school I just used to stand on my own in the Playground, Not wanting to make friends. I just wanted to be alone because I knew I was different to them. I wanted to join the Forces like my Dad. I tried them all Army, Navy R.A.F., Marines etc. I could not hold a job down because of my fits it was awful. But I did eventually after help from a friend learn to drive on a 5 yr Licence. So I have got my independence now and my fits are not there anymore. My Epilim is controlling them. My life has turned around now I was Stings Lookalike and toured with him through my Agent and I am also an Actor and Holding down a job that I love doing. I could write a lot more actually I could write a book about it. So if anyone can help fund my book who is reading this then please contact me.

Neil Grant
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very moving story

Submitted by HELEN NICHOLLS on
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