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I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 11 in 2003, I had first gone into coma for a few days throughout 2003, once recovering and surviving Drs had diagnosed me with encephalitis, a very rare brain disease; 6 months after my life changed when I started having seizures as a side effect of this rarer brain disease.
Epilepsy is a very common brain condition, unfortunately there is not enough awareness of this condition amongst the community because of this my life changed dramatically and people fail to understand a person with epilepsy is not just a life with seizures but so much more only the person themself know how much they are battling with on a day to day basis and at times it leaves you feeling, isolated, lonely and depressed.
At the age of 11 I was just about to start high school and my years in high school education became a nightmare as I was bullied, laughed at and judged about my behaviour and seizures by other students. It had come to a point that with the amount of seizures I was having, my memory was getting worse therefore my education was limited which made me furious, although I managed to get some qualifications, I didn't achieve my end goal of achieving of getting some of my most important qualifications. From high school one of the greatest memories people keep are PROM, students leaving party with all students in your same year, unfortunately for a person like me the only thing I recall from that evening was having another seizure in front of many students which was embarrassing and left me in a dark hole.
Rolling onto life after education- interviews and career, my ride has been an absolute rollercoaster, even though i currently have a full time job with the NHS to achieve this I had to conquer many obstacles.
Interviews for myself was one very tough challenge as facing side effects of medications such as mood swings, anxiety, depression, stress, low mood, tiredness and no self esteem, I was a person with no confidence in myself and no self believe and these are one of the main qualities you need to show during a interview to shine a prove that you will do well in the role. My current role is a challenge in itself but at times after having seizures, evening, throughout the night and early morning it makes it a lot more difficult and I require further strength to face my working day ahead.
17 years on after having many medicals tests, MRI'S EEGS nothing has still been found as to why I am having seizures as all tests are normal.
With this condition I became a committee member of my local epilepsy action charity branch, I have held events and done fundraising for the charity. No matter how close your friends and family are they don't always understand the journey of life for a person with epilepsy only people suffering and battling through the same situations and conditions understand, people with epilepsy are stronger together.

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Childhood and the milestones that are associated with it are often taken for granted as happy ones. What a bravely written piece, keep smiling Priya. Although friends and family don’t always understand, they are always there.

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