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Andrew Hall

I first had a seizure about 10 years ago ( I am a young 52). It was a real shock.

I had two more seizures within 3 months. All at home. Then I was seizure free for five years.

After starting a new job I had a seizure, fell cut my head 19 stitches.

Recently I have three seizures, no injuries.

The help I get from the NHS is brilliant, I can contact a nurse anytime through the day.

I have been on three different tablets, Epilim, Keppra (was really bad) now on lamotrigine.

What upsets me the most is for people around me it must be really horrible for them.

I did a twenty mile walk to Southport last year and raised about 200 hundred quid. Trying to think of what to do next.

Anyway I feel really sorry for people who have multiple seizures or anybody with epilepsy. Keep your chins up we are all in this together. Andy

Andrew Hall
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