Hi, my name is Jessica Hall and I was 16 when I was diagnosed with idiopathic generalised epilepsy, after my first seizure on holiday. The first few days after the diagnosis, I felt very scared and for me almost starting a levels it felt like my entire world turned upside down.

In the beginning treatment stages of epilepsy, I went through various medications, that both had difficult side effects or didn't control my seizures at all. I remember during that stage of my life, I felt really anxious and depressed, after dealing with the aftermath of seizures or trying to study for exams. During the first few years of my diagnosis of epilepsy, I struggled to come to terms that I was an epileptic. I even tried researching possible other conditions I might have rather than the diagnosis of epilepsy. So, it has been an incredibly long journey to finally accept that yes, I am epileptic. But epilepsy does not have me.

Now that my seizures have been finally controlled for almost three years. (since August 2019) I am beginning to heal and accept that I have epilepsy. Currently, I have recently finished my third year in BA Hons illustration. For which I created and illustrated an entire book on the subject of epilepsy. The purpose of this project was to communicate that epilepsy was more than just seizures. I was my own personal reflections of the condition itself. I wanted to find a way to educate people about epilepsy, but also find an alternative to reflect and emotionally heal from the disorder.

Note to the reader. It is ok, to get support and you aren't alone in this diagnosis. I would encourage you to reach out, especially for your physical and mental well-being. I can promise you, that it will be ok. It may look at the moment that there are dark and stormy skies. But you are strong and can overcome this.

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