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Epilepsy? Seizures? On April 1st in 2015 my life was going to change completely! Gigs, Mallory Knox & lots of travelling is one of my favourite hobbies alongside helping volunteer with adults with Learning Disablities twice a week.

I was on my way into my mum's room to have a cuddle before i went back to my own bed, as my dad was off to work i wanted to make sure my mum was okay before my dad left.

I said my goodbye's to my dad before he left for work, and went in to my mum before experiencing my first tonic clonic seizure, beforehand i felt a little tired.. nothing unusual or strange that i haven't felt before.

As i layed down with my mum to have a hug, i blacked out and woke up with a sore tongue, my limbs were throbbing & my mum looking at me with tears down her cheeks.

What was going on? My mum explained to me that i had a seizure & my dad was on the phone to 111 at the time who called an Ambulance out as it was my first seizure.

Mind you, this wasn't the last of them! After my first seizure and being in hospital (as they thought i had an infection, my high blood cells were due to the tonic clonic seizure i had). Then on April 21st i had my second tonic clonic seizure, which then i went to my local GP who rang the Neurologist from Derriford Hospital who placed me on Keppra 250mg then to be increased to 500mg in 2 weeks.

After my first seizure i was booked to have an EEG & MRI scan to see what was caused the seizure in a few weeks, but after my second seizure it became urgent for them to chase up the EEG & MRI to see what was causing them. As my GP thought it was probably 'epilepsy' they placed me on Keppra to see if the seizures will be controlled, after a few weeks i had my EEG & MRI scan, plus an appointment with my Neurologist to see what was exactly going on within my brain. Thankfully the EEG & MRI scan came back clear, but after having two seizures the Neurologist diagnosed me with having Epilepsy.

Was i going to let this stop me living my life to the full? No way! Travelling to gigs, doing my volunteering, having the support of my family and friends is something that i'll never give up doing no matter what life throws at me.

Epilepsy doesn't define who i am, yes the diagnosis was an isolating time but finding Epilepsy Action & finding more people to talk too who have experienced the same process as me helped massively!

Now i'm going to be seeing Mallory Knox in September and October on their homecoming tour in Cambridge, Exeter & London. Those guys are one of my biggest rocks in my life, and have helped me so much within all the hardships in life, never ever let a condition define who you are!

Plus being seizure free for 4 months has been a blessing too, life doesn't stop for me. It's all about experiences :)

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