The person I am carer for was diagnosed in 2006, there was no trauma injury and defined evidence of epilepsy but a diagnosis of late onset Frontal Lobe Epilepsy was given. And this has continued to be treated. until 2017 when following a long therapy session we were informed of a further diagnosis of PTSD since this.

All help went out of the window and we have been left to deal with the new diagnosis situation. We have requested complete reveiws of the diagnosis also review of the medication that had been prescribed. The specialist in our case insisted he agreed with his colleagues original diagnosis and has continued along his path.

Recently the seizure count became very high and he considered extra pills untill 5 months ago he totally turned her medication upside down and we await his next idea at our next appointment. For some years I have been asking for more articles about treatment improvement other than tablets but not much has happened, also not much help about contacting specialist centres for Epilepsy. We have dealt with much of the problem by talking to each other and hoping for the best and when all groups were stopped meeting that added to our isolation.

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