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Emma Farnell

Hi my name is Emma. Age 23 (24 in July) My first seizure was when I was baby. From then to age 13 no seizures at all, but when my grandad died it started coming back and have been having seizures every two weeks.

For 9 years of my life I was scared to wake up in the morning. Every seizure I had was in the morning with low sugar levels. I wanted to kill myself. Some seizures that I remember was one of them was I banged my eye on the corner of the cupboard and big bruise on my eye. Another one was I banged my head on a step and got a big bump on my forehead and I got it for life. I had to sleep with a hat with two pair of socks inside(one on each side).

One morning I had a seizure at my friend's house and the police and ambulance came over and took me to the hospital and at the end of the day they gave me a prescription of tablets for my seizures and my seizures stop and for 3 years now I have not have any. But the only thing I have now is that I have got depression and anxiety.

Emma Farnell
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