sarah whittingham

Back in 2012 i fell to the floor shaking at my home in Wolverhampton it was a lovely day as i had my son aged 3 and my daughter aged 2 with me at the time and my friend popped round which in a way it was a good thing because as my children were playing i went to put the kettle on to make a drink for me and my friend and i dropped to the floor and my whole body was shaking. My friend called for an ambulance and the paramedics said would you be able to watch the children while we take her to a and e i was shaking and i could not breath properly as i got the hospital they but me on medication and tubes and after two days of tests they told me its been confirmed that i have got epilepsy from when i got hit over the head with the hammer back in 2009 and its only just starting to effect my brain now. I was like how can this be and what can be done to fix it they said there is only medication that i can take and ill need to take for the rest of my life which is called topiramate which i`m still taking to this day and i`m 31 now. I have not had the best life as i had four d`v relationships which did make my epilepsy worse at this point in my life but the only thing i wont change is my four beautiful children now that i have as i`m so proud of them as they are of me. As my son James has got epilepsy and its not easy for me to watch him have the seizures as i know whats its like for an adult having them let alone a child. He is my child and i wouldn`t want this on anyone not even my worst enemy as it is not nice to have this condition as it controls the stuff you can do in life. It has stopped me from getting a paid job because of the jobs insurance, i cant drive because of my seizures which is a nightmare as i have always wanted my own car and plus i can drive and had my own licence but they have took it off me due to my epilepsy. I just hope and pray that my son does out grow his epilepsy as i would not want him to suffer the same way as i have as i would want him to be able to get a job and to be able to drive his own car and to do the things he wants to do in life like being able to take his children to Alton towers and go on the rides with them as this was taken away from me and so was my biggest dream which was to take my children to Disney land Paris and go on all the rides and have the best time ever there but i cant but i hope one day he does do that as then he will be doing it for himself and his children.

sarah whittingham
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